August 22, 2014

BBQ with T109 ☺

August 3, 2014

Baby's first month party
(she's super small & cute & chubby)
also it is august already sigh the year passes so fast. am feeling very lost now bc i am CCA-less.
why can't there be something fun AKA pilates

(brother took that photo, not bad right)

a bit lazy to edit the rest but i'll get down to them some day :p

also a lot of work to do + exercise ughghghghghgh why can't i have a nice body

July 25, 2014

FDS (Founders Day Service)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really like that photo hehe

sry too lazy to type or elaborate about stuff plus i have to bathe lol goodbye

also was playing around and came up with this

cool lor k byebye