April 12, 2014

Heh heh went out with rach in the morning and the fool got lost cos she didn't know how macritchie looks like............
idk so done with her lol.

Brunch at Habitat Coffee which was not all that great.

omg also see the weird leg photo!!!!! I had something in mind but rach wouldn't lie on the floor to pose for me???
stupid girl then I had to lie on the floor but she obv didn't know what was in my mind SIAN in the end so ugly!!!!
But on the bright side it looks like i'm jumping + you can see my new Fred Perry shoes hehehhe.

Eeyer also the selfie there......I have no excuse for that.
Just felt like taking photos but got nobody to take of/with because everybody else is busy in JC ):

ALSO Why are the photos kinda unsaturated??? They looked fine on my phone.
This sucks but I'm too damn lazy to fix it lol.

Yuck also there are too many words and I hate reading uninteresting posts
and so do majority of the population on earth so goodbye.

April 5, 2014

Ehehe back from fms fbc damn tired.
Had a damn fun group + won best tribe yes la, we're really the best *bimbo hairflick emoji*

(Some photos are square bc they were at the "square" thingy when taken bc easier to post on Instagram if it gets posted haha)
ALSO I realised that the first two pictures are rather pixelated and it's really annoying me

NP children's selfie game damn strong idek.

And saw sofi many times hahha but only managed to get a picture together.

Hop night: dance dance, crazy loud music, loud people, great people,
smelly people.

And Marina Barrage for a picnic the other day :')

March 29, 2014

Fun-o-rama with shaomin but we never got to take a picture together because why bother when you always look bad lol.
Damn crowded and stuffy and sticky la plus not exactly fun.
The fun part was the people but thats about it hahah.

Brought my SLR but like v lazy to explain to people how to use it so kinda didn't use it in the end. Sian maybe next time I should set everything first then ask people to take.
Guess digital's better in a sense cos it's kinda idiot proof. 
But there are still some idiots who ask where the shutter button is so maybe those people are mentally impaired.

Kinda like the colours in the outdoor shots!! Really carnival-like.
Red, yellow and all. Basically ACJ's colours la hahha.

As the day went on it seemed like my face got fatter and fatter HAHA how unflattering

Steamboat buffet photo!!! heh heh.

School starting sooooooon idk if I should be happy or sad sigh.