September 3, 2014

Julian's second week photoshoot-ish kinda thing.
He was quite okay at the start but then he cried at the end so I couldn't continue taking anymore photos bc crying babies are not really nice to take photos of. also it is weird bc it's like you're documenting their misery (although i think all he really wanted was milk).

This was when he started crying ha ha ha. Could only manage a few after that.
I quite like that photo of him with the crown though.

Also, birthday just passed and celebrated it with (not so..) many people. This means many photos to edit. heh. good and bad.
Guess newborns can be cute sometimes. but they only look better after a month or something.

Till next time (when i finish editing more pictures).

August 31, 2014

Went to the new stadium a while back (two weeks ago i think) to watch a basketball match.
(Photos not mine but i edited them)
Finally done with the editing heh.

Kinda want Smoothie King now.

August 22, 2014

BBQ with T109 ☺