April 20, 2014

SHIT finally done editing day five of the Switzerland trip photos. 
It has been four months since and I haven't finished editing haha
Talk about procrastination.
Actually rather happy with how some photos came out hehe yay.

Took me 3 hours + to edit 82 photos hahah shit.
Also I kinda went with the film effect bc all the photos were bright and nice enough hehe

Every time I see this photo it makes me smile/laugh hehe so cute right!!!

Huge chess pieces in the park hehe


Even their dustbins are cool. Singapore we need cool bins also.

Trying to capture the mist thing HAHA guess we failed :p

Hands were too damn cold to tie my own shoelace so.........HAHA

ALSO see this picture right.
I edited away power lines, buildings and a woman's head.
hehehe the miracles of editing

Idk sometimes I wish Singapore was cooler, and people would have more chances to express their
creativity/thoughts/feelings freely. Like art on the street and stuff.
And no, I don't mean those installations outside Ion.
I mean installations that actually make you think twice about something you believe in or
something that makes you wanna snap a photo of immediately. Something different, something
that challenges the way society thinks.

Next two pictures are taken by my brother heh
Learning to be a photographer from young

Not bad right. Can pass.

Also I bought Kinder Bueno twice during the whole trip cos it was so yummy
and the effect here looks so pretty idk I just had to upload it.

YAY done with day five, still got day three and four I think.
And many others HAHA shit my life

April 19, 2014

Random picture from my bro's birthday in Paris last year.
He was so shy it was damn cute leh
Idk the colours sucked so I made it B&W.
(Still kinda dark right. sian if I make it brighter it will be super grainy)

Kinda don't really want school to start/want it to start at the same time.
Idk speech modules.
Damn depressed now cos my oral sucks. A lot.
I swear if I don't get into a normal-good uni life is so over SUCKS.

Only consolation is that my class is quite cool.

This reminds me that I have 99999 pictures to edit haha.

April 12, 2014

Heh heh went out with rach in the morning and the fool got lost cos she didn't know how macritchie looks like............
idk so done with her lol.

Brunch at Habitat Coffee which was not all that great.

omg also see the weird leg photo!!!!! I had something in mind but rach wouldn't lie on the floor to pose for me???
stupid girl then I had to lie on the floor but she obv didn't know what was in my mind SIAN in the end so ugly!!!!
But on the bright side it looks like i'm jumping + you can see my new Fred Perry shoes hehehhe.

Eeyer also the selfie there......I have no excuse for that.
Just felt like taking photos but got nobody to take of/with because everybody else is busy in JC ):

ALSO Why are the photos kinda unsaturated??? They looked fine on my phone.
This sucks but I'm too damn lazy to fix it lol.

Yuck also there are too many words and I hate reading uninteresting posts
and so do majority of the population on earth so goodbye.